Sucherquelle DDR Litters/Puppies


Saskia and Lux puppies

Whelped April 16, 2021

Brown collar male

Dark green collar female

Purple collar female

Yellow collared female

Pink collared female

Dark BLue collar female

Puppy prices:
Limited guarantee...$1500.00
Full registration...hip guarantee......$1800.00
I am willing to place a few pups with limited registration....folks that want a nice pet/companion and have NO intention of breeding.
Puppies with full registration come with a hip guarantee......offspring can registered with AKC.  The contract states that in order for the guarantee to be honored....several things must be met: Among that criteria: A quality food fed All my dogs are fed Purina Pro Plan 30/20.  No need to feed different food for the different ages.  No spay/neuter before 18 breeding before the age of 2 years.  A copy of the complete contract will be sent for interested parties.
When a party is interested in purchasing a puppy from me there are several things that I need to know in order to place the correct pup with them.
The job the pup will be expected to do, sex, color. I want to know how the pup will be housed, activity of the household, dog experience of  said household. Please be honest when relating this information and don't let your friends/relatives change your expectations. List your criteria in order of importance.  For the folks that color ( produced here) is the most important factor: black is only one that will stay the same, black/tan pups change...more tan surfaces as the pup gets older...therefore if you MUST have a bi-color please buy an old enough pup to make sure you get that color. Sable pups change so much in that rarely do they get their adult color until 2 years of age. If you must have a particular shade or pattern please buy an adult.
Once a breeding announcement has been made I will accept names to be put on a waiting list.  After the puppies are on the ground a deposit is required to hold that place/pup.  I will not accept deposits before puppies are on the ground..........too many things can happen.
  A $300.00 non-refundable deposit is necessary to reserve a pup and must be received within 3 business days after a verbal or e-mail request is made. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! PayPal is an excellent way to place a deposit. Please be advised before placing a deposit.  I reserve the right to keep any pup from any litter.....sometimes I will retain two. I may or may not keep may be for sale later.  I receive many requests for "pick of the litter".  That in itself  is a very broad statement.  "Pick" for what?  Pick for work...what kind of work?  Pick black male.....what if the party wants a pet and the only black male is a working prospect?  Please be prepared to let me  help you choose your pup.  Every resonable effort is made to place the correct pup in each situation. Personalities do not begin to emerge until week 5.....pups do not have all their brain cells until 7 weeks.  If you have questions....please call...304-384-3530.  






All breeding dogs at Sucherquelle have excellent working pedigrees, wonderful personalities, nice conformation, very deep pigment. I want to stress that the TOTAL dog is of the utmost importance here. Sucherquelle dogs are not kennel dogs....they are out and about in the world. Many "so-called" breeders look at one certain it a great pedigree or pleasing appearance...PLEASE research your breeders and keep the DDR German Shepherd the dog the East Germans would be proud of.






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Sucherquelle's  Puppies are well socialized and started on Purina Pro Plan 30/20. 
We highly recommend this quality of food. Proper puppy management is the key to a 100% healthy adult.



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